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Automatic brake disc cleaning during maintenance is safe

date:2017-05-03       visits: 71

Driving people all know that rainy or snowy days are the most likely to cause accidents when driving. This is mainly because the ground is wet and slippery, and dirt is easily attached to the brake disc, which weakens the performance of the brake disc; In addition, the friction between the tire and the ground is reduced, the braking capacity of the whole vehicle is weakened, and the dynamic stability of the vehicle at ordinary times cannot be maintained. In case of emergency, dangerous situations such as too long braking distance and wheel slipping are likely to occur, and in the most serious cases, it may cause rollover. Therefore, if the surface of the brake disc can be kept clean when driving in rainy and snowy days or on the ground with poor road conditions, the braking ability of the car will be fully developed. The automatic brake disc cleaning system of the car is the embodiment of this function. This system will automatically clean and dry the brake disc when necessary. There is only one life. It is safe to take precautions. 
Here are some models with the function of automatic brake disc cleaning system, hoping to help consumers buy.
Audi A6L
Audi A6L is equipped with the latest German Bosch ESP 8.0 system, which contains the brake disc cleaning function. If the vehicle is driving at a speed of more than 70km/h in rainy or snowy days and the windscreen wiper is switched on, the system can control the brake shoe of the front wheel to periodically brake for a short time at the minimum pressure (0.5-1.5bar), which is repeated every 185 seconds. Therefore, even if the driver has not used the brake for a long time, it can automatically keep the brake disc clean and dry. In addition, the new ESP 8.0 system of Audi A6L also has the auxiliary function of the cruise control system, which can overcome the speed interference caused by the vehicle's uphill and downhill when the cruise control is working. In addition, for the Multitronic transmission used on some Audi models, the ESP 8.0 system also has the function of slope maintenance. Now the company mainly produces and processes brake discs of various large passenger cars and heavy trucks. It can be processed and customized according to different requirements of customers. Brake disc and brake disc washer products are exported to domestic and foreign markets, and are highly praised by customers.
Roewe 550
Roewe 550 is a rare model with automatic brake disc cleaning system among intermediate vehicles. The intelligent cleaning function of BDC brake disc owned by Roewe 550 is mainly to ensure that the brake disc is clean at any time and maintain good braking effect. Its main working principle is that the intelligent electronic equipment can replace the artificial point brake, which can scrape the water film on the brake disc and the dust on the brake disc during daily driving. During normal driving, it will work intelligently once every hour, and in rainy and snowy weather, it will work within a few minutes; For example, in light rain weather, the rain sensor and the electronic sensor system in the car will sense the size of the rain and work once every 6 minutes; In case of heavy rain, it will work every 3 minutes. The automatic brake disc cleaning system can remove the water film attached to the brake disc at any time, ensure the cleanness of the brake disc, effectively improve the braking effect during emergency braking, shorten the braking distance, and improve the driving safety. At present, such intelligent control can only be achieved on a digital car like Roewe 550.
The upcoming Maiteng DSG is fully upgraded in terms of security configuration. The unique tire pressure intelligent detection system and brake disc automatic water removal function of the same class of vehicles. In rainy days or slippery roads, the automatic water removal function of Maiteng DSG brake disc will give full play to its safe and reliable advantages. When this function is turned on, the brake disc will automatically remove water 15 times every 5 minutes, which greatly reduces the skidding and even tailspin when braking on rainy days and slippery roads, and always protects the safety of passengers. The intelligent tire pressure detection system will automatically alarm when the tire pressure is too low, reminding the owner of the need to supplement the tire pressure, so that the owner does not have to worry about the accident caused by the imbalance of the four tire pressures when driving.